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What is Happy Sunday?

Happy Sunday is an online platform that allows sewing enthusiasts and young fashion professionals to order fully-customized fabric.

  • Unlash your creativity and create unique clothes with unique fabrics
  • ...or choose a print among those uploaded by the other users
  • Share your designs and build your own community
  • Get custom advices
  • Receive your custom fabric neatly printed at home!

Why we created Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday is dedicated to people who are looking for new ways to find unique clothing. We ally the latest technologies with a return to authenticity. Our goal is to change the shopping experience directly at it’s source. Instead of fast consumption of loads of cheap clothing, we want to put the focus on each individual and the pleasure of creating and wearing their own pieces.

Our values

More than just creation, we want to promote and highlight local confection. Everyone can create their own clothes and by doing so, contribute to the diminution of mass consumption and the numerous ethical scandals related to clothing manufacturing.

The freedom of creation

To help you create every sewing project you have, we have carefully chosen our fabrics. With the choice between popeline, jersey, satin, pima lawn and twill, you will have the possibility to create every piece of clothing you can imagine.




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